Mayor's Cup Regatta 2003



The members of the Orlando Rowing Club would like to invite our friends in the rowing community to join us by participating in the 22nd annual Mayor's Cup Regatta. We wish you well as you embark upon a new season of exciting crew racing! Good luck!!! Here are the 

Date: Saturday, February 22nd, 2003

  Turkey Lake Park, Orlando, Florida

Race Distance: 1500 meters 

Note: Should weather conditions make it necessary, the race course may be shortened.

Directions:  (click here for map)

The City of Orlando's Turkey Lake Park is located on 3401 Hiawassee Road, Orlando, FL  32835. Phone number is 407.299.5594. This 300 acre park is the largest park in Orlando. The park is located in Southwest Orlando near the
major attractions.

From Tampa

For those traveling on I-4 from Tampa. They should get off Sand Lake Road  and go thru a light or two, over the hill, left at Conroy Windermere, then about 1 mile, right on Hiawassee Rd. to the park.

From Orlando and Points North

Take I4 to RT-408 just past downtown Orlando. Make sure you bear left onto Rt-408 (heading away from downtown Orlando -- Take the  Hiawassee Rd. exit -- at bottom of ramp turn-left onto  Hiawassee Rd. -- follow for about 3.5 miles, Turkey lake Park will be on your left and has a turning lane -- across the street is a new strip-mall.

Tents: Small 10' X 10' tents, under 120 square feet, do not require a permit. Larger tents will require a permit from the City or Orlando. One permit for the entire event will be filed 10 days before the regatta. Please have whoever is responsible for handling your team tent contact the Regatta Director for further details.

Regatta Meetings: Separate coach/coxswain meetings will be held simultaneously at 7:15 A.M. at HQ by the dock area.

Weigh-ins: Weigh-ins open at 7:15 A.M. All rowers in a boat, plus alternates must be present at time of weigh-ins. No access to the scales shall be permitted prior to weigh-ins. Rowers must weigh-in in racing attire, with a one pound allowance for clothing. Each rower shall have only one chance to weigh in. No re-weighs shall be allowed. Priority will be given to crews racing in the first event of the day. See weights under "Racing Categories".

Rules of Racing: This is a USRA Registered Regatta and United States Rowing Association rules will be followed. Every competitor must sign and submit a waiver. Minors (students under 18 years of age) must have a parent or guardian sign. Waivers may be mailed in or presented at registration the day of the regatta before racing begins.

Eligibility: Florida Scholastic Rowing Association rules apply. Note: This is the first major regatta since the FSRA voted to change some of the racing categories. Should anyone have questions about this transition, please contact the FSRA President, Bram Fowler or visit the FSRA website at

Racing Categories: 

Varsity – Under 19 years of age on or before 9/01/2002.

Junior Varsity – Typically your second fastest boat

Third 8 – You must have a first Senior 8 entered.

Lightweight – Men 150 max. Women 130 max. No boat averaging.
Note: These weights allow five pounds extra at the beginning of racing season.

Freshman – Rowers and coxswain are to be in the ninth grade of high school.

Novice – First year of rowing, since 6/01/2002.

Sculling Events: Due to safety concerns and time constraints, sculling races will not be held this year.

Flights: In events where there are more than six entries, flights (not heats to finals) will be held. The regatta committee will assign schools to flights with the intention of placing the fastest crews in the later flights. Please indicate as an entire men's crew or women's crew which flights you would like to be in. The regatta committee will distribute crews as competitively as possible.

"B" Boats: Additional entries in an event from the same school, i.e. "B" entries, will be accepted if they do not cause additional flights. Any programs with entries not accepted will be notified after the entry deadline.

Doubling Rowers: We are working out the details of doubling and will update soon.

Event Schedule: For a detailed list of anticipated flights and starting times, see the entry form. The final number of flights and times are based on entries and may vary slightly from the ones on the entry form. 

2003 Mayor's Cup Regatta
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Changes to Events:
The regatta committee reserves the right to combine or cancel events based on the number of entries received or due to inclement weather. The committee also reserves the right to delay or advance the starting times of each event. We would appreciate notification of entry changes as early as possible. The final opportunity to add boats to the events will be at the coaches meeting. No boats may be added to the race schedule after the meeting has ended. 

Registration should be notified by the first call of an event if a boat is being scratched from that event. There will be no refunds if a boat is scratched or if the race is called due to inclement weather. Should strong winds prevail, the regatta committee reserves the right to shorten the course.

Bow markers will be required, i.e. lanes 1-6. These may be for sale at the regatta.

Heel Cords: Boats will be inspected for heel cords as they launch. Please make sure all your equipment is in proper condition prior to race day.

Equipment Adjustments: All equipment adjustments must be made in the shell trailer area prior to launching. Shells should move quickly in and out of the dock area. Shells are to be stored between events in the shell area or back in the trailer area.

Dock master: The dock master has absolute authority over the launching area. If you are doubling equipment or coxswains, please inform the dock master so that priority can be given to your boat. All non-crew members are asked to leave ample rooms for crews to approach and leave the beach area.

Call of Events:
Events will be called 40 minutes and again 30 minutes prior to the start of each race. It is ultimately the responsibility of each crew to be at the starting line on time.

Traffic Pattern: T
he traffic pattern will be posted. PLEASE BE CAREFUL DURING WARM-UPS BECAUSE OF SHALLOW WATER OBSTRUCTIONS. Please do not warm up too close to shore. No crew should cross the race course. Please be careful to stop quickly once your crew has crossed the finish line, then return directly to the beach area.

Starting Line Procedures: following activities prior to race day to your crews. 

1. Be early to the starting line and within hearing range of the marshal and/or starter.
2. How to back into a stake boat, using various crew member combinations. 
3. How to hold your point, especially into varying wind directions.
4. How to scull the boat << VERY IMPORTANT.
5. Starting line commands.

With so many entries, novice crews and ten minute intervals, the above is important to keep the races running on time. Often coaches are not at the starting line to witness how ill prepared crews are for the start so please concentrate on this area to make this a pleasurable experience for all.

Medals: Medals will be presented to the first three places in each event (the three fastest times regardless of the number of flights) during the course of the regatta. 

Overall Points:
The team with the most points. Points will be awarded according to the following system:

Senior 8 – 12,10,8,7,6,5,4 All other eights, Senior 4 – 10,8,6,5,4,3,2, All other fours – 8,6,4,3,2,1,0

The top seven finishing times in each event, regardless of the number of flights, will be awarded points. Only one boat from a school/club can earn points for an event. "B" boats in the same event do not earn points. 

The City of Orlando requires that all food vendors be on their list of approved vendors, so we will arrange for one of them. The Orlando Rowing Club must approve all other non-food vendors. It is recommended to use 10' X 10' tents for this purpose. Contact the regatta director for further details if you wish to be a vendor. 

Local Accommodations: There are several motels close to the race site. If you need assistance in locating one, please contact the regatta director.

Entry Deadline: Entries and payments are due by Friday, February 15. Entries received after the deadline, if accepted, will be assigned outside lanes. The tentative schedule will be posted on Monday, February 17. Please notify us of any entry corrections or changes by Wednesday, February 16th

Entry Fees: Fours $40, eights $60, entry cap $500.  Please download for and fax back to 407.862.4651  FORM

Make checks payable to the ORLANDO ROWING CLUB.

Contact Information: Snail mail, priority mail, fax, or e-mail your entries to:
Randall Rich, Regatta Director       Home  407- 862-0547
124 Night Owl Court                     Work   407- 862-4651
Longwood, FL 32779                     Cell     321- 356-7682
Fax 407- 862-4651                      E-mail

Should you need to contact anyone at the ORC boathouse, the number there is 407-296-CREW (2739).

For regatta updates, please check the Orlando Rowing Club website at Documents sent via e-mail will be in Microsoft Word format. If you are not yet a member, join or have a person with your program join the Florida Scholastic Rowing Association's free online e-mail system at The e-mail address for the members of the association is For complete organizational information for high school rowing in Florida, the FSRA website is