Mayor's Cup Regatta 2003

Late Breaking Mayor’s Cup 2002 Regatta Information

 Dear Coaches, Parents, Rowers and Spectators,

The Turkey Lake Park entrance fee will be $TBD per-car and boat trailer and $TBD per BUS, please make sure you have the correct change to speed things up. If you plan on going out of the park make sure to stop and get a return pass from the rangers booth at the entrance. The year we will collect parking fees close to where you will be parking to keep traffic backup around the entrance to a minimum. We have a designated area for drop-off for Vendors and Teams - Vehicles will not be allowed beyond designated drop-off and/or parking areas, failure to comply will result in towing.

FRIDAY ARRIVAL: We highly recommend trailers arrive Friday afternoon to avoid the traffic entering the park the morning of the Regatta. The Park opens at 6:00AM and we will be there to assist you from NOON to Park Closing - you must be in the park on or before 5:00PM and out by 5:30PM. You will have access to the lake for practice if you choose and we will be there to assist in parking and procedures for practicing.

FOOD: There will be a vendor providing meal service during the regatta.

ENTRIES:  $500 CAP Per-Team/Club

DOUBLING: We will allow doubling on an exception base  insure everyone to get a race and smaller programs can enter fours and eights. What that means is that if you have three rowers in a four, or six rowers in an eight that would not otherwise have a race, you may double one or two people qualified to row in that event from another race. There must be ample times between events in order to do this. The idea is to try to give as many rowers as possible one race at this large opening season regatta. For some rowers that may not make it into a boat by the F.S.R.A. State Championship Regatta, these early season races are very important. Remember, you may not double an entire four from an eight. We have had to do this so as not to limit the number of schools competing at the regatta.

LIGHTWEIGHTS: Regarding weigh-in procedures, the digital F.S.R.A. scale will be used in the headquarters area. Weigh-ins will be open from Saturday 8 A.M. to 12 P.M. Crews should weigh in as a complete boat, including alternates. They must carry a sheet listing the event name and crew members. If any member is close on weight, they should run before hand because they only get one chance on the scale or an alternate will row in their place. 

PARKING:  $TBD per Car and Truck and $TBD per bus

EQUIPMENT: On the information packet is the standard information regarding heel cords and bow balls required on all shells. Also, bow loader fours have size requirements for the coxswains opening which are listed in the rules of rowing. The dock master will be checking so be sure you have your equipment in order. 

STAGING AREA:  There will be a staging area setup near the docks to help traffic entering and exiting the dock area. Make sure you have slings available as the distance from the trailer area to the docks is long.

Please contact us with any other questions you might have.

Randy Rich